Lao luxury enjoy the yacht Mingshi 11,662 blue dial tasting

Yacht Masters series is designed for yacht racing series, but the initial yacht Masters watch does not have a special timing function, only by rotating the bezel to the artificial time, this is the yacht Mingshi. In 1992, Rolex launched the Yacht-Master series, and since 1997, the introduction of platinum bezel, dial, stainless steel case, strap, crown with the characteristics of materials. At present, this match with the modern sales in the replica watches uk outstanding representative of the watch is the 2012 Basel Watch Fair launched, numbered 11,6622 blue dial watch, guide the price of 95,800 yuan. And his shape is similar to a five-digit number 16623, with gold dial, gold bezel, gold strap, is also very beautiful, offer 92,500 yuan. The yacht Mingshi, almost all Rolex brands include the iconic design elements, the bezel decorated with triangular pit pattern, for the two-dimensional rotation of the three-dimensional mark, the minutes marked on the Arabic word for polishing, the rest of the matte scrub , This metal surface treatment on a simple process, making the overall shape to add a trace of sound gas field, and easy to achieve the rotation of the outer ring, read the minute hand timing function, in the yacht or sailboat driving a strong reality effect. Crown used a raised bridge, but also the replica watches use of three-button lock on the chain crown, this crown since the introduction of the process since 1970, applied to the submersible, DeepSea and other high-performance diving watch on the series. Bezel, bottom cover, crown tightly screwed into the middle case, which is the so-called Oyster case technology, so that the yacht Mingshi with 100 meters waterproof function. Strap is also the Rolex since the 1930s, the traditional three-row chain consisting of Oyster design, clasp is also the traditional Rolex way of working. Deep blue dial with a beautiful metallic luster, dial on top of a goldfish eye glass lens to the location of the date window at three o'clock a lot of color, but also another sign of Rolex. Time scale for the big dots, six, nine, twelve for the triangle or stick. The minute hand design is also the Rolex unique shape. The second hand is red, the tip also left a dot, used to cover the luminous coating, in the dark state can easily read the second hand. Movement for the Rolex COSC certified 3135 type. The use of Rolex PARACHROM paramagnetic alloy patent gossamer, with a mysterious blue luster. The overall work by the "Rolex" the brand name, in fact, sufficient to make reliable judgments. In 2010, after the introduction of yacht Mingshi II, it seems that more classic yacht Mingshi some marginalization of the risk. In fact, the focus of yacht Mingshi II is based on the increase in the yacht Mingshi time module, the size raised to 44 mm. But the preference for the classic elements of the rolex replica style of love of the watch, the yacht Mingshi is undoubtedly an important option can not be ignored. Magnifying the design of the luminous three-pin with glass windows, as well as the classic oyster bezel, strap, crown shape, are constantly stressed the eternal charm of the yacht Mingshi type.