Professional sailing essential watch Rolex Yacht Mingshi II navigation watch tasting

As the world's leading enterprises in the watch industry, Rolex owners can not shake the market position, of course, this is also its strong overall strength of the decision. Rolex watches in the accuracy and versatility of the watch is the owner of the incomparable strong technical assurance. Xiaobian today for everyone to bring a professional navigator essential swiss replica watches, let us look at the magic of Rolex. Rolex Yacht Mingshi II Series 116681 white disc watch At the start of the race, the sailboat swiftly waved and waved the sea, and the navigator stared at the sea. He made every effort to command the voyage to replica watches uk ensure that the ship sailed towards the end of the victory. At this time with the world's first equipped with a patented mechanical memory setting countdown function Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht Mingshi II watch has become an essential tool for racing sailors race. Yacht Mingshi II is specially developed for professional navigators, is the world's first equipped with a patented mechanical memory setting countdown function of the watch, so that participants start sailing time with the official timing can be fully synchronized. The latest Oyster Perpetual Yacht Mingshi II and challenge the surging sea of ​​excellent courage to echo each other, fully embody the long-distance sailing events surging. This new style is the Oyster professional watch, the first with Rolex created by the 904L stainless steel and 18ct eternal rose gold synthetic ROLESOR eternal rose gold steel combination. Bezel using CERACHROM ceramic materials, not only more wear-resistant, but also permanently maintain the color. Dial with white paint, red countdown minutes and seconds off the dial in the dial and outer ring on the rolex replica scale, so read at a glance. Equipped with blue PARACHROM springs 4160 movement, with high anti-magnetic and up to 10 times the seismic capacity. Countdown function by the movement of the column-wheel and vertical cross-linked device to promote the movement part of the fine components through more Rolex research and made of UV-LiGA technology. In fine technology, whether you are at the helm of the voyage of sailing, or standing on the yacht will be on the terminal of the competition, the Rolex Yacht Mingshi II is an essential tool for your race, so you moment in a sound Set sail, grasp the minutes and seconds arbitrary. Summary: This watch 18k eternal rose gold and 904L stainless steel and 18K rose gold Ring Command outer ring design allows the watch to look and feel are elevated to a high level, superior seismic and anti-magnetic ability is also its shook the sea guarantee. If you have this navigation watch, then you can definitely ride in the broad ocean.